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Sky Safari

Kadizora Camp. This is the only area in the Okavango Delta to host hot air ballooning. It is available on request during the peak season April – September. (add link to balloon page). 

Your Hot Air Balloon Safari begins with an early morning departure from Kadizora Camp, driving through the floodplains to the balloon launch site. On this pre-dawn safari, you may be fortunate enough to see sightings of nocturnal wildlife. On arrival, you will be served tea or coffee, while the balloon is being rigged and inflated ready for your flight.

After a welcome greeting by the pilot, you are ready for take-off. As the balloon is fired up drift up and away across the flood plains, watch the sunrise and the animals waking to begin their day. Drift at treetop height or ascend up to 1000 feet or more during the flight. After landing enjoy champagne and snacks before heading back to camp.